State of mind

Our life is beautiful. Just we need to see things from which others are conveying the message not from our state of mind.

A girl gets bored from her life because she upset about her Temporary failure, but when her junior girl sees at her she also want to be a proud woman like her.

A boy gets egoistic for his efforts from temporary success but when his field legends came at their own that time he realised there is lot to learn.

It’s never too late to start the things from beginning because KFC was started at the age of 65 by a man with full of debts. .

Life is full chances if you grab it you are going to conquer and if you not another chance is waiting because in life never all doors going to shut!

It was failure from your side but maybe it can be huge success for others and vice versa success.

Never too proud never get failure it’s you that decide what you are going to do!

You cry for the 2 second’s failure for which you waste 86398 other seconds of the day. That seconds will continue to run and when you get up and make beautiful of remaining second and that year that month that day that minute that second you are hero !


So , what do you think about your state of mind!?!


75% mutual brain

Me :- hi

He:- oh , how you found time for me??

Me:- I was having trouble.

He :- I know , I was feeling I will get in trouble very soon😁

Yes, that was my conversation with my friend , my brother or you can say my everything. He was always there for me . He always helped me and backed me. I feel when the whole world will against me he will be first to tackle them.

He supported me in my worse phase , even worst phase and then also backed me no one was there. You are the one whom I can share everything. I can get everything from you and also willing to give it to you.


I want your heart,Your big heart;

With full of arts,that is shattered down in parts;

My heart maybe rock , but now it’s broke;

There is illusion, of our soul fusion;

It makes makes me cry , thinking past is why?

But looking at you, that laughing glue;

I want your soul , my soul to be one ;

The bond which can be brake by none;

You’re my sole motive, to be positive ;

I wish I can have you as much as our love stays true;

Forever is myth , when you and me are with…!


The life gives you chance to endure your happiness and you make it happen. Sometimes sort term happiness makes you more pleasant than looking for long term treasure.

Going to share something with you please accept me 😊

I am a shy boy but had a relationship with a girl and also I broke up with her twice with a year gap..!

I am not saying I was the one who was right, I accept I have done some sins but for love it’s like eating chocolate cake of friends..!

I wasn’t right but I wasn’t wrong. I really did care for her after braking up but what I got from Instagram the truth and the truth shook me what I was pity about a girl , really I was thinking about her and the truth demolished me for a fraction but after that I was feeling captain of ship who came from windy ocean. Yes , I am now right.

My mistakes not make me plead as my decision makes me pleased.

At Last , the news which a got from Instagram is not my lords where I played this much, this time to move on from it…!

Touch of soul

When someone speaks something and you loved it that does not mean he is the best preacher but he spoke what your ears wanted to listen..!! S/he not your friend or well wisher …!!

A person told you bad words but here the person who told you something is not bad but your ears are the one who listened something and your mind interpreted something which was maybe very good to someone who want to learn something..!s/he maybe your friend or well wisher ..!

But now a person who told you worst thing but you interpreted his/er emotion and you felt something very pleasant….that’s the touch of soul😊 don’t leave him/er because s/he is not your friend or well-wisher but s/he is your soul and your lies there in their faith☺

Stay happy 😁

Fart proudly

You can do whatever you want to do. You don’t have to consider others beliefs on something, because one who don’t know about it will stop you from doing it and one who knew will let you to try.

You are the one who can decide for yourself , if you let another one decide for yourself then you can not blame anyone for your failure , I said failure because you haven’t learn anything from your past deeds .

Your decision is right then you will get fruits of it and if it is wrong then you will get fruits of it after sometime but you will get it for sure .

Sometimes your decision seems to be wrong but later on it proves to masterstroke like for first few years bamboo tree’s roots get increased that time you will think it’s my mistake but later on it will prove trump card for you …!


Don’t think for your love , think for those who loves you.

Not by big author it’s me


Don’t regret for your past deeds , also don’t regret for those you didn’t done but let it just count because it’s your loss that you were not able to do that.

Before counting your strong zones count your weak zones because the world will not going to take away anything from the strong one it has always suck from weaker. You don’t have to stop to think Untill you did it for once but you can relay on when you don’t do it wrong…!

Regrets are very bad things which we all have , at least in a day we regret once for not doing something or anything else. I have regrets a bunch of regrets which I want to share with you and it will continue sorry for delay .


I think I am a loser but a loser is unnamed king whose Kingdom is lost which he wants back but when he will get,he will not be only king of that Kingdom but for a empire where sun does not set…!

36th attempt – a never losing hope

Hi, friends today I am not going write anything new but going to repost a great thought from a girl which inspired me a lot in past few days, her name is Dhruva Thacker and maybe she is pursuing medical. She is very artistic person with creative thought and I am happy to came across.

So, here it begins I have not changed any of her words hope you will like it …

You are enough. You are enough to change the way someone feels. You are enough to help someone single handedly! Haven’t you ever been sad and happy all at once and then decided to be happy because you wanted to? You are enough to be your best friend and even your worst enemy. But in the end, you know you’ll always be there for yourself. You are enough to be anything you want to do- whatever you may dream will be yours with your own efforts. You are enough to beat your own genetics solely by your mental strength. This world will try to fuck you up, but you are enough to face it all alone. Crying to bed is for personal hygiene, not for the shitty backstabber . You are enough to prove them all wrong. You are enough. You are so enough that you don’t need anyone else, but your own soul. Your body is a gift to take care of, but your soul is a responsibility. Never underestimate it. ✨
TheCrazieDevil•// Enough