Simple but unusual- break

Sorry to say that but now I don’t feel to share anything in SbU series because it’s worthless and I don’t want to do it. Maybe I am wrong but I want to continue this wrongness. If I will get my mistake I will update you..!!


Touch of soul

When someone speaks something and you loved it that does not mean he is the best preacher but he spoke what your ears wanted to listen..!! S/he not your friend or well wisher …!!

A person told you bad words but here the person who told you something is not bad but your ears are the one who listened something and your mind interpreted something which was maybe very good to someone who want to learn something..!s/he maybe your friend or well wisher ..!

But now a person who told you worst thing but you interpreted his/er emotion and you felt something very pleasant….that’s the touch of soul๐Ÿ˜Š don’t leave him/er because s/he is not your friend or well-wisher but s/he is your soul and your lies there in their faithโ˜บ

Stay happy ๐Ÿ˜

Fart proudly

You can do whatever you want to do. You don’t have to consider others beliefs on something, because one who don’t know about it will stop you from doing it and one who knew will let you to try.

You are the one who can decide for yourself , if you let another one decide for yourself then you can not blame anyone for your failure , I said failure because you haven’t learn anything from your past deeds .

Your decision is right then you will get fruits of it and if it is wrong then you will get fruits of it after sometime but you will get it for sure .

Sometimes your decision seems to be wrong but later on it proves to masterstroke like for first few years bamboo tree’s roots get increased that time you will think it’s my mistake but later on it will prove trump card for you …!


Don’t think for your love , think for those who loves you.

Not by big author it’s me


Don’t regret for your past deeds , also don’t regret for those you didn’t done but let it just count because it’s your loss that you were not able to do that.

Before counting your strong zones count your weak zones because the world will not going to take away anything from the strong one it has always suck from weaker. You don’t have to stop to think Untill you did it for once but you can relay on when you don’t do it wrong…!

Regrets are very bad things which we all have , at least in a day we regret once for not doing something or anything else. I have regrets a bunch of regrets which I want to share with you and it will continue sorry for delay .


I think I am a loser but a loser is unnamed king whose Kingdom is lost which he wants back but when he will get,he will not be only king of that Kingdom but for a empire where sun does not set…!

36th attempt – a never losing hope

Hi, friends today I am not going write anything new but going to repost a great thought from a girl which inspired me a lot in past few days, her name is Dhruva Thacker and maybe she is pursuing medical. She is very artistic person with creative thought and I am happy to came across.

So, here it begins I have not changed any of her words hope you will like it …

You are enough. You are enough to change the way someone feels. You are enough to help someone single handedly! Haven’t you ever been sad and happy all at once and then decided to be happy because you wanted to? You are enough to be your best friend and even your worst enemy. But in the end, you know you’ll always be there for yourself. You are enough to be anything you want to do- whatever you may dream will be yours with your own efforts. You are enough to beat your own genetics solely by your mental strength. This world will try to fuck you up, but you are enough to face it all alone. Crying to bed is for personal hygiene, not for the shitty backstabber . You are enough to prove them all wrong. You are enough. You are so enough that you don’t need anyone else, but your own soul. Your body is a gift to take care of, but your soul is a responsibility. Never underestimate it. โœจ
โ€ขTheCrazieDevilโ€ข// Enough

Simple but unusual-1

Here it begins my first story which is only experienced by me and someone else and our few friends…! Yes , that’s a crap but it’s truth you can believe me ahead I can assure you. Please give your feedback in comments if you liked or hated it than do share with me thank you for reading ..๐Ÿ˜˜

Yes , here I am your blog author Mahek and mind it I am a boy. I am 18 years old and pursuing my studies. I want to do MBA from IIM and I will do from there for sure and now I am single. so we can done with my introduction so we can start our story…


I do not remember the date but it was half of June and we were having summer vacation and our summer vacation tuition classes were started off. That time I was in 8th (13 years ) . I was from government primary school who was entering into rich kids arena. When our first day began there were only 4 girls and 2 boys including me and I was not knowing other boy although..!

It was very much impressive day for me as I had new experience about the education system. I was studios kind of kid that time which was entering into his teenage from childhood.

That was the first time I saw her. Yes it was the more or less the game changer day for my life not only for education but also for my love life, wait what a teen is thinking about love in India oh crap it’s a holy shit ..! Okay let’s move forward, I felt nothing when I saw her but I felt nervous because they were four and I was now alone because the second boy ran away after first lecture and I was very shy , bit coward type of those days because I was calm I was coward !!! That day happened nothing but I made my good impression over teacher and also possibly worst over girls because of their jealousy…!!

The days were going well but for me not for them because the place of topper was snatched by a stranger. I was also lucky as I was getting new name for new day !!!

I was the topper and as the examination came nearer the clashes increased and how it increased and what happened we will see in part two …๐Ÿ˜

Don’t consider your self the great because when you will become the great you can not understand the situation the kid did.

-by me not big personality ๐Ÿ˜


Wounds on his heart were not completely healed and she again sharpen new shapes on it, she was living her life peacefully but it’s the real life he deserves !?!! When he will get his soulmate even if he has his lifemate !!!?